25 Innovative Ways Companies are Using Twitter (That You May NOT Have Heard of Yet)

A lot of people have been talking about Twitter lately, the social media site that brings users the conversation of right now. We're even doing a free webinar on Twitter next week. If you've spent any time studying Twitter or on the site, you already know about @comcastcares, @jetblue, @zappos, etc. But what are smaller companies doing on Twitter? And what exactly can people and companies use Twitter for? Without further ado, here are 25 companies that are using Twitter in innovative, different, and fun ways:
1) @MarketStreetDFW is a Texas-based gourmet meals-to-go store that tweets daily menu updates.
2) @RedWhiteFood is a lobbying firm of sorts that keeps Tennesseeans updated on wine sales legislation.
3) @DowntownTempe is a Visitor's Bureau that showcases local events, commerce, and activities.
4) @Encouragement4U is an entrepreneur that creates acronyms for all names (I was Dream And Visualize Excellence).
5) @SourceForge gave away Open Source Tattoos of Tux the Linux Penguin to drive traffic to their site.
6) @StartmySong tweets links and lyrics to new songs to promote their songwriters community.
7) @Edmunds posts requests from journalists re: car issues to help them and to reinforce the Edmunds brand.
8) @MRinalDesai reposts positive tweets about his company CrossLoop and also tags them through Delicious.
9) @MarquetteTurner is a realtor in Australia who uses Twitter for listings AND to rebroadcast local news.
10) @HolidayWorld is a theme park in Indiana which used Twitter to leak info about a new park ride!
11) @RobbHecht is a marketing consultant who uses Twitter to track his freelance time through TEMPO.
12) @JobNob is a job site with salary info which tweets daily a "Cool Job of the Day."
13) @ScienceChannel solicits content for its weekly segment, "Geek Out," on its traditional TV show, Brink.
14) @NWWeddingPlace includes a "Daily Love Tweet" to promote its wedding planning business.
15) @stopafib is a non-profit who tweets the latest research findings for up-to-date info on atrial fibrillation.
16) @PawLuxury uses what they call "The Woof Factor" to provide excellent customer service to pet owners.
17) @Unigo uses Twitter to do polling and research amongst college students in its market.
18) @GracoBaby uses Twitter to share car seat and safety tips as well as customer service.
19) @check_MD allows people to check their doctor's disciplinary record for free through Twitter.
20) @SpudBros is a quick-serve restaurant in Colorado which tweets unique deals and discounts.
21) @JoannaDolgoffMD is a child-weight-loss doctor who tweets tips and ideas about staying fit.
22) @bazaarvoice tweets relevant info to their reviews service and Twitter is now a top referrer for their business.
23) @RateitAll uses Twitter to follow anyone talking about them, through Twollow.
24) @WTEngage is promoting their conference and making it way more interactive through Twitter.
25) @SafeAuto promotes their car insurance company through a Twitter/online video contest.

So what does your company do on Twitter? Let us - and the world - know by commenting here! Maybe we'll even follow you! :)
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