A Difficult Decision

Today, I laid someone off at our firm theKbuzz. I do believe letting someone go is hardest thing a company owner can ever do, and this move was quite painful. It was hard mostly because it really wasn't our employee's fault- we didn't have the infrastructure in place to support him, and couldn't give him the time to develop him. I won't drone on about this, because I really don't want to be too self-important, and it was only one person, compared to many thousands being laid off by companies across the country. At least we were able to give some severance, unlike Microsoft, who actually asked for money back from laid off employees.

Many great companies have had to do layoffs in this economy. One of my favorite social media users, Zappo's did their layoffs and blogged about it at least, in a touching tribute. So today, I'm taking a break from our normal BMD routine of blogging social media marketing, word of mouth marketing, and buzz, to share a bit.

We wish all of our former staff well. Today, we lost only one person, compared to many thousands losing their jobs each week. But to that one person, it's a big deal. And to me, it's a big deal. And I trust that as we grow, and as we make choices, we will continue to be honest about those experiences, however hard they may be.

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