can't we be friends, mr zuckerberg?

david bowie stuttered it... ch-ch-ch-ch-changes...turn and face the strain

as we are all aware, by now, of the sudden surprise change in facebook's terms of service, it is a fine time to reflect on the change and the reaction. ok, so facebook decides to modify its tos to where they "control" our content even if you close your account. all those pictures, videos, conversations with your "friends" ! better clean up your profile before it gets into the wrong hands. heck it's too late, isn't it?

and the reaction... a group was started immediately gathering over 30,000 members. i got an invitation to the group, but i did not join immediately and actually never ended up joining it. people are livid, outraged, threatening to leave, expressing extreme discontent in forums and they want answers!

well, mark zuckerberg responded to the change explaining their reasoning behind the change.

Our philosophy is that people own their information and control who they share it with. When a person shares information on Facebook, they first need to grant Facebook a license to use that information so that we can show it to the other people they've asked us to share it with. Without this license, we couldn't help people share that information.
to me, this makes sense. they are undertaking a huge task of building, housing, and sharing of information from millions of people. and in today's world, which last i stopped and looked back, it is an information world. and there has to be some accountability on the information exchange.

wasn't it a matter of time before someone claimed that they never granted facebook the license to share that one piece of information, but still posted it. as if we really think it is super secure and only my friends will see it. yeah right...

the pictures we post, the status updates, the emails, everything we post on facebook, and for that matter all other sites, is today's way, our way to express individuality in a community. without it, the community would be pretty boring, don't you think?

so now what? are we all gonna pull back a little on posting and genuinely having fun facebook-ing because now mark zuckerberg "owns" your contributions when you post? and he is going to read all your emails and laugh with his filthy rich friends and then post all your pictures on craigslist.

come on, really?? it's no coincidence that we are labeled "friends" on facebook. and friends share and trust each other.

facebook is our community of 150 million people and growing. and we are the ones that own it because it is still our pictures, our words, our feelings that we decide to post. someone has to take responsibility of helping our community exchange our dialogues and conversations. we are the ones that make facebook what it is.

it's a perfect circle.
individuality through community building.
building community through individuality.

i hope this change doesn't affect what we do on facebook and it probably won't. but if anything, i bet you there is a lot of purging of friends going on right now...

until next time... be well, my friends


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