Builds on their Super Bowl Ads

This morning, Dave sent me what is perhaps one of the most disturbing Facebook gifts I've ever seen - the "Creepy Co-Worker" from

Having not watched the Super Bowl myself, I was incredibly confused. But once Dave clued me in and I found the spot on YouTube, I had to agree that it was refreshing to see another brand successfully integrating and including social media into their campaign. We've frequently highlighted the Facebook page as one of our favorite pages for its great layout and tons of valuable content for its fans, but now we can see their Facebook campaign continuing to build off of their big traditional media spend. Aside from the easy-to-share free gift, the page itself has the video upload as well as links to their YouTube page (which has already risen to YouTube's Top 10 Most Viewed and Most Subscribed over the last two days). I know everyone's talking about their favorite and least favorite ads today, but judging by the overwhelmingly disappointed tones of most marketing and advertising blogs that have posted, I thought it'd be good to highlight a brand that continues to get it right.

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