Change is coming! A new layout for Facebook pages and what it means for yours.

A few days ago, Inside Facebook talked about Facebook's plan to move its fan pages over to a new format as soon as within the next few weeks. The new format isn't all that "new" anymore - it's the current format for your personal profiles (a change which caused a huge stir last year despite months of forewarning). Instead of one flat profile page for your business, your page will be split into 4-5 tabbed pages (though you'll be able to add more for specific applications, should you so choose).

Of all the changes happening, the most interesting and I think relevant part of this move to note for you and your pages is that the "wall" will be the default tab for your fans, just as it is on personal profiles. You'll be able to choose a different tab as the default for non-fans and as the landing point from your Facebook ads, but your current fans will always land on the "wall" tab first. This means that every time a fan visits your page on their own, the wall will be front and center, no matter how many promotions you have running or other applications you have spread out across the "boxes" tab.

So what does this specifically mean for you? It means that if you are NOT currently responding to posts on your page or updating your content regularly, your page is going to look BAD. The fact is that your fans are not going to want to scan through all of your tabs to see what's new every time they visit. And while it's preferable to also personally respond via Facebook message to any fan who does post a comment or question on the wall, it's certainly helpful for other fans with similar questions to see your public response right there on the page. So I beg you: please make the effort to utilize your walls more often these next few weeks! We're going to be prepared when the changeover happens - are you?

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