I'm tired...but there's a social network for that too.

It's currently 7pm EST. To be honest, I am completely exhausted. As a mommy of two young girls and a partner in a rapidly growing firm, I am working around the clock. And so, as I was searching for topics to write about tonight (after all, this is Buzz Marketing DAILY, and we had no post up today), I did my usual google searches-- "social media" "social networking"...looking for interesting news. Only today, I was so tired that I actually wrote: "SLEEP social networking" in my google news search. Yes, I am totally serious.

Well, it leads me to this interesting website about a beta test on a social networking alarm clock. Seems a bit silly to me, but I wake up with the real live "mommy" alarm of children jumping in my bed. Then, I got to thinking....if I start googling different topics with social networking, I bet I will find a ton of weird niche sites. "Farm social networking", "skiing social networking". And of course, whatever the Keyword, I'll also have a link come up that takes me to a Ning.com site, where users can create networks around any topic.

There are so many networks-- it can be completely overwhelming to the "Joe Businessperson" (Miss you, Joe the Plumber!). Overdrive Interactive has a great piece on their site demonstrating some of their recommended social media map featuring "things that they think you should care about". While I think this is a comprehensive and awesome list as a person who is already familiar with the space, as a new businessowner, or a businessowner who has no idea how to go about entering social media, I would be really freaked out by all of this.

Here's my advice to you, Joe Businessperson. First, take a deep breath. It's will be okay. I say that you should go where there is either:
1. The broadest mass audience (this choice, for me, is almost always Facebook)
2. The BEST, MOST TARGETED niche audience network you can find.

Ideally, I would do both, but if I had to choose one it would be the larger of the two, especially since Facebook has the ability to hyper target through their social ad feature.

WHATEVER you do, Joe, please make sure that you join the conversation first. Don't just start pushing your products. Interact, and listen. I realize it's a different model than you are used to...but give it a go and watch the results.

Now, it's off to sleep work through the evening... wish me luck!
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