Is "plain" your favorite flavor? If so, you'll love Yogen Fruz's Facebook page

Whoever thought to put up a Yogen Fruz Facebook page is apparently giving themselves a big pat on the back today for surpassing 200,000 fans. According to their press release, the international frozen yogurt chain is "now conquering the internet through social media networking keeping their fans updated on the latest news." That's all good and fine, but these Facebook pages aren't just about having a new channel through which to shout information at people - they're for two-way communication. Out of almost 200 posts on the page's wall, I was only able to find 1 post by Yogen Fruz. And it wasn't even a "thank you," it was an almost indignant response to another poster asking what the fans below him on the wall were saying.

Aside from that one post, the only thing Yogen Fruz has done with the page is added photo albums for their different locations around the world and posted a few news stories. The page is incredibly simple in layout, sticking only to Facebook's own provided basic applications, and it's completely lacking in any real call-to-action for people to become fans. There are no special offers or discounts advertised (perhaps they send them via private updates?) and there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of dialogue. So congrats, Yogen Fruz - you've achieved a tier of Facebook popularity that isn't easy for all brands to come by. That's definitely a good thing. That being said, though, there is so much more that can be done with this page, and until Yogen Fruz is using its Facebook page to its full potential, I'm hardly ready to give it credit for "staying ahead of the technology curve with ventures into the internet world."

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