"So you specialize in Facebook marketing?" Well, not really, BUT...

A job applicant asked me today if we "specialize in Facebook marketing." I told her no, that while we do a lot of work building and growing Facebook Pages and Facebook strategy for our clients, that as a social media and word of mouth marketing firm, we also do a lot of work with Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, the blogosphere, and more. But then I thought more about it, and realized, that Facebook for social media is like Google for search. With 160 million users and growing at the astronomical rate of 12 million users per month, Facebook clearly is the leader in the social media space- and every company or organization that is in the b to c space- and probably most in the b to b space- should be leveraging Facebook and creating a space there for customers and fans, potential customers and potential fans.

It's really that simple.

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