Spoiler Alert! At least, I wish Sprint had sent me one...

So last night I rushed home excitedly after remembering that one of the only TV shows I make time to watch - Heroes! - is back on as of last week. I was a little worried at first that President Obama's press conference would push the airtime back a lot, but by about 9:05 PM, last week's recap was playing. I'd already texted Sprint's 62288 short code with my time zone so that I could receive trivia and participate in quick polls throughout the show, and for the most part is was going smoothly as always... until about halfway through, when I received a text asking me about something that I was sure hadn't happened yet.

Was I not paying enough attention? Did I miss something?? When did they reveal that?!

But when, twice, the foretold event occurred a few minutes later, I realized that Sprint hadn't adjusted their txt message blast to match the delay. Of course, with these things there is always potential for a delay. What if the conference had gone 15 or 20 minutes over instead? Since it's just a question of timing, it seems like something that Sprint should have been able to address easily. So was this a simple mistake on Sprint's part? Or a significant shortcoming of short codes?

I'm not sure how many viewers like myself have signed up for this service, but I can't imagine I was the only one who noticed this oversight. If nothing else, this experience was a reminder for me that while it's possible to set up an easy, auto-reply system with short codes that is still somewhat interactive, it shouldn't imply a complete lack of personal monitoring. When you are communicating with customers via such a direct line as a text message, it's especially important to be careful and considerate. Unless I'm learning the future by entering into a white-eyed trance (like at least 7 different Heroes characters have done so far), I'll stick to the suspense of the present.

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