theKbuzz take on the Shorty Awards

Last night three Tweeples of theKbuzz team were able to attend the Shorty Awards, an awards ceremony dedicated to top Twitter-ers on the microblogging site Twitter. @THE_REAL_SHAQ kicked off the evening via video and then @ricksanchezcnn hosted alongside @MCHammer, yes MC Hammer was there in the flesh. The popular @garyvee even was behind the podium hosting towards the end of the show and there to help witness 140 character or less acceptance speeches (in true Twitter form).
theKbuzz’s beloved Dave summed up the night with a Tweet and with the ending line in a NY Times post:
“Don’t believe the haters,” tweeted Davekerpen, as if in reply. “Shorty awards was def. weird, but it def. ruled.”
And in our (eh hem) humble opinion, the Shorty Awards did rule. The excitement of the Twitter Community was in the air and the night was a testament that the 9,000,000+ and growing Twitter-ers are making a whale of a splash in the social media realm.
Our favorite part of the awards ceremony was the large screen before and after the show that was projecting real-time Tweets. I tried to snap a couple of pictures of our Tweets on the wall. The hint of narcissism in the Twitter community couldn’t have been highlighted better.
The winning 26 categories were varied from expected “apps” to the more outlier-ish “weird” category. One thing that I’d like to see next year is a category that addresses the best use of Twitter for a cause and as part of a business strategy. Ideas like the Tweetsgiving or the Twestival for Charity: Water are awesome ways to use Twitter for good causes while @JetBlue and @CTCTHelp (Constant Contact) are doing excellent jobs utilizing Twitter as part of customer service and engagement.
Don’t worry, if you missed the awards live in person or online via streaming video, you can catch it all again here. Today is another big day for the Twitterverse with the international Twestival. Your dedicated Kbuzz-ers will be making another appearance tonight at the social media tweet-up in the Big Apple. If you haven’t donated yet, we encourage you to do so here100% of the money raised from the event will go directly to support Charity: Water projects dedicated to giving access to clean water to the 1.1 billion people on the planet don't have access to safe, clean drinking water.
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