Tweeter Getter- Making Twitter Better? No.


I spend all this time trying to use twitter correctly, and in walks "Tweeter Getter", a new system that supposedly gets you thousands of followers on Twitter through some kind of chain-mailish type thingamagig. There were some folks in my office who thought this was a good thing (I may even be married to one of them). Having worked very hard on perfecting my Twitter community, I felt kind of cheated.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the concept of "twithority" (he with the most followers is the most interesting AND has the most valuable information). But to me, the entire basis of Twitter is the ability to follow those that interest you, and learn. And it's impossible to learn and grow (at least I think), when the system simply becomes a numbers game.

However, as my coworker husband pointed out, this might not be a bad thing for brands. Why shouldn't a brand want to follow thousands? Why shouldn't they want to be followed? This sort of thing might give them an advantage.

Of course, only time will tell. From what I see on my basic Twitter Search, we've got about 80% against TweeterGetter, and 20% for it. The 20% that are promoting it all have fewer than 1000 followers. If in fact, tweeter getter works, I need to see people with thousands attribute their huge following to this app. I doubt that day will come, but who knows? I've been wrong before. :)

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