Update: Chat to Text App Pulled From Facebook for TOS Violation

2 days ago, I blogged about Chat To Text, the $6/month Facebook application that asked users to sell it to their friends and earn commissions. I wrote that it appeared to be a massive violation of Facebook's Terms of Service, a likely violation of Paypal's Terms of service, and a possible pyramid scheme.

I was shocked
a) that Facebook allowed the application in the first place
b) that they did not pull the application this morning.

I was happily not surprised to find that within the last hour, it was pulled from Facebook. Thanks to @unmarketing from Twitter for the scoop. Here is a link to the Facebook Fan Page which includes an announcement of the defunct app on the Wall. They will be losing fans very quickly.

Very sorry to the thousands of people who lost $6. I hope you get your money back. Schemers, stay away from Facebook!

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