Coolest Integration Ever Alert: Tweetdeck and 12Seconds.TV

I am officially obsessesed with a new social media site: 12seconds.TV This YouTube meets Twitter site features up-to-12-second videos recorded and shared in a Twitter-like stream. The idea is, just like you can say or link to anything important in 140 characters, you can say anything important on video in 12 seconds. Currently in Beta form, the service is now fully integrated into uber-popular Twitter application Tweetdeck as reported recently on Mashable. It's really fun, and really addicitive. Really.

Mashable comments call it a match made in heaven. I think I agree. I just finally shut off 12seconds after killing almost 30 minutes of time that I couldn't spare becuase it was so addictive. With easier access through Tweetdeck integration, I predict this could be a big win for all parties involved, including, most important, the users. I'll see you in 12 seconds or so.

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