Skittles - Interweb the Rainbow

Still #1 on Twitter's trending topics, the new Skittles homepage is clearly today's hot topic in social media. If it weren't for the bright red, floating navigation table that pops up in the top left corner of your webpage, you probably wouldn't even be sure you were on the right site. Instead of the old Skittles website, the homepage has been replaced by Twitter's search feed, monitoring all Twitter users talking about "skittles." The additional links on the navigation table connect you to the Skittles fan page on Facebook, various Wikipedia entries about their products, Flickr, YouTube, and a basic media/contact page.

It's hard to tell what the general consensus is in relation to this campaign. Some people are saying it's brilliant while others are calling it stupid, or even arrogant. Technically speaking, Skittles just granted the rest of us the right to post whatever we want to their home page as long as we mention Skittles in the tweet. I can't imagine the website will stay this way indefinitely, but right now it's definitely the coolest way I've seen a big brand seamlessly integrate so many aspects of their social media presence.

That being said, what's really missing form it is interactivity with the brand itself. Awesome as I think this page is, I can see why some would blast it as being "arrogant" to aggregate all shout-outs made by your customers across these social networking websites without so much as a public "thank you" to any of them. It's kind of missing the big picture isn't it? Listening is the first step as always, but Skittles could go so much further with this if they engaged their audience at all. The way it's setup right now, it's just another promo to get people talking. Where is the official Skittles twitter? Who is managing their beautiful Facebook fan page? And do they know that all of their Wikipedia entries are adorned with a big "written like an advertisement" disclaimer at the top? Maybe Skittles really is just too cool for the rest of us.

03/03 UPDATE: Skittles has switched their front page from the Twitter feed to their Facebook! Apparently the Twitter spammers got a little out of control. What was that we were saying about lack of monitoring/response?

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