SxSW Interactive, Here We Come!

It’s the eve of my departure to Austin, TX to represent theKbuzz at SxSW Interactive and I couldn’t be more excited! While there’s a million exciting things going on in the Lone Star state this weekend, I wanted to share with you what I’m most looking forward to.

  • Epic Change’s TOP SECRET initiative: theKbuzz is teaming up again with Epic Change to launch another great initiative that’s going to be bigger and better than our Tweetsgiving! (If you want to help out with our ground support at SxSWi, we need you! Join now. For everyone that’s not going to SxSWi, you can help out and spread the buzz online once we release the secret!! )

  • All of the Facebook events! If you haven’t picked up on it yet, theKbuzz is a big brand ambassador for Facebook!! Yours truly will be at Saturday’s Search for a More Social Web by Facebook’s Dave Morin, Sunday’s Facebook Developer Garage and at the Facebook party on Sunday…follow my tweets @helenstravels to see if our favorite social networking site reveals anything else about their plans to open up and make Facebook even more social this year!
  • @JetBlue talking about Twitter: Morgan Johnston of @JetBlue with Ricardo Guerrero of @DellOutlet will be talking about their wonderful Tweets and Twitter strategies! theKbuzz, being HUGE Twitter fans also hearts @JetBlue and can’t wait to hear what wonderful tweets advice is going to be passed along at SxSW!
  • Social Media for Social Good: Not only will there be BBQ, but Porter Novelli will be present along with Jeff Pulver, Randi Zuckerberg and Epic Change’s Stacey Monk to talk about the wonderful opportunities social media opens up for altruism! A credible little bird told me that there’s going to be something exciting happening at this event so anyone at SxSW shouldn’t miss it!!
  • Mashable Party: Monday night will be the Mashable party and I’m sure it won’t disappoint all the die-hard Mashableites out there –me included! What would we do if Mashable wasn’t there to keep us updated on all things related to the web??

Follow theKbuzz at SxSW by follow @helenstravels to find out about all the exciting happenings going on in Austin this weekend! If you’re going to be at SxSW and want to meet up, just tweet me!

Buzzing down to Texas,

Helen =)

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