Tipjoy Will You Pay Me On My Birthday?

The above image image was taken from the site happybirthdayshaq.com, which has been recently taken down. Tipjoy had created the campaign in honor of the basketball legend and Twitter user's 37th birthday and encouraged people to donate $5 to the big fella. One would assume the money would be going to some type of charity but this was not the case. The money was going to go directly to Shaq.

The problem: Shaq had no idea of the campaign and was never contacted by Tipjoy about the campaign. Below is the response Shaq had tweeted to all who follow him on Twitter:

After being contacted by the Phoenix Suns, Tipjoy has removed the website and the donation campaign. With their tail between their legs they have been tweeting to Shaq about the botched marketing campaign, attempting to cover up and dismiss any negative feedback from the social community.

The following was tweeted by Tipjoy:
@THE_REAL_SHAQ we made the site b/c we're fans, figured you'd donate the $ to charity. if u want to raise $ for charity, let us know

If Tipjoy would have communicated their expectations to the people this was aimed at (Shaq!!!) they would not be finding themselves in this situation. It would have been a nice story if the money was going to a charity or something along those lines. What would have been a golden opportunity to build a great word of mouth program is now a campaign that one is not looking to be associated with: a campaign that is not entirely thought out and lacking major components.

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