What the New Facebook Page Design Means for Your Business

If you haven’t heard already, you will soon: Facebook is upgrading Facebook Pages, now called Public Profiles. This has a lot of implications for Facebook users and businesses alike. theKbuzz wants to focus on what this change means for businesses.

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Why did they do the upgrade?

Straight from the Facebook blog and Mark Zuckerberg’s text, “Facebook has evolved to make sharing information more efficient and to give people more control. This year, we are going to continue making the flow of information even faster and more customized to those you want to connect and communicate with, no matter how broadly or privately… As this happens, the world will become more open and people will have a better understanding of everything that is going on around them.”

What is the upgrade?

  • Like user Profiles: Basically, current fan pages will look like user profiles. Facebook Pages can now be republished by admins to look like user profile pages right now. By next week every Facebook Page / Public Profile will migrate into this user interface. The default for non-fans of these pages is the Boxes tab; for fans the default landing page and focus is the Wall tab.
  • News Feed: For the first time, stories about Pages’ activity will be eligible to appear in News Feed, giving Pages a stronger voice on Facebook and better facilitating 2-way communication between Pages and Fans.
  • Status Updates: Pages will also have status updates like user profiles which encourages more social actions.
  • Tabbed Structure: This is going to enable Pages to act even more like micro-websites similar to how pages are on a typical website and will help organize information more effectively on Pages / Public Profiles.
  • Additional Insights: The upgraded Insights tool for Facebook Pages / Public Profiles will encompass and measure overall engagement on the Facebook Page / Public Profile. This will show how many people are commenting on stories and how many people are viewing photos and videos.
  • Still fans vs friends: One thing to note that isn’t changing is how fans versus friends will stay the same. A Page / Public Profile is different from a user profile in that user still will become a fan of a Page / Public Profile, not a friend. This dynamic means that Facebook fans will be able to follow news updates of Pages / Public Profiles in an asymmetrical way. Whereas when a user friends other users, the receipt user has to approve of the connection. In this asymmetrical structure, a fan can follow an open Page / Public Profile without having the Page / Public Profile having to approve the connection.
What does this mean for businesses?
  • It’s a good change: This is a good thing for your business’s presence on Facebook (in addition to search engine results pages). This upgrade makes sharing information easier and opens up more opportunities for a brand to leverage Facebook’s viral-ness. This is an opportunity for your brand to be seen by more people on Facebook.
  • It’s more customizable: More than ever, Facebook Pages / Public Profiles are more like a website than ever. With the tabbed structure, Facebook Pages / Public Profiles can be organized more like a website and be customized to best meet company needs. Public profiles will be able to choose the tab that will act as the landing page which means for non-fans of a Page, the brand will be able to put what is most important for their customers at the forefront of the Page / Public Profile.
  • Fresh Content: Because the Wall, which is home to real-time news and feeds, is based on fresh content, this means that Pages / Public Profiles that are going to be successful are going to have consistent fresh content. Static existence will lead to static results on Facebook.
  • Engagement: Once users become a Fan of a Page / Public Profile, the Wall tab will be the main defaulted tab putting user comments and interactions at the forefront of the Page / Public Profile experience. This opens up the ability to have more interaction between brands and fans. This is a good thing. Social media is about interaction, and Facebook is opening the door for brands to be more active participants in this interaction.

theKbuzz take on this: If brands can be compared to personalities, then Facebook is making Pages, now Public Profiles, more like a friend to engage with in a social space. While theKbuzz company owner Dave is a big proponent for distinguishing friends from companies, what Facebook is realizing and enabling is that no matter whether it’s a friend, celebrity, politician or brand, engagement is king: What the New Facebook Page Design Means for You. We’re extremely excited about the upgrade as we believe the more open and social a brand and company is, the better. This upgrade enables this to happen.

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