"Your CEO will be on Facebook", says Razorfish (and all of us!)

Razorfish just released its 2009 Digital Outlook Report, which says, among other things, that Facebook is growing so much that your CEO is pretty much "guaranteed" to be on Facebook.  That's quite a stirring image, changing the long held philosophy that Facebook is just for the young'uns.

Another interesting piece of the report states that advertisers will turn to "measurability and differentiation" in their ad spends. ROI will become increasingly important. This is somewhat counterintuitive to social media. While there are measurements for number of fans, clicks, and various conversation monitoring, measurement of direct sales is still not a perfect science. How much value do you place on a conversation? On two? With traditional media, it's totally mainstream to accept cost per point and ratings. With non-traditional and word of mouth, it is a bigger challenge to convince advertisers what the value of a real brand conversation is-- even though the data shows word of mouth being a top decision factor when trying new products.

We, as WOM agencies, subscribe to the fact that listening, responding, and entering a dialogue with your customers will get you a return far greater than any current "measurable" media spend.

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