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If you haven't heard by now, on Monday Ashton Kutcher declared to the world via a YouTube video that if he beats CNN to 1 million Twitter followers that he'll "ding dong ditch Ted Turner's house" and video it and post it online. At the time of the video, Ashton was behind CNN by about 50 thousand followers which he discovered while looking at the website we follow. He's also included if he wins the challenge, he'll give away 10,000 nets to help prevent malaria in Africa (which has its criticisms).
One thing that Mashable's Adam Ostrow has pointed about this story is that "in spite of all of the media hype for the Kutcher-CNN story, Facebook can be a more viral platform thanks to its aggregation of data about what’s going on within your social circle. Twitter doesn’t currently have any way of bringing together this type of data, though, plenty of third-party applications attempt to." So included in the stats are the Facebook fans, of which Ashton broke 1 million fans today leaving CNN in the dust with less than 250,000 fans.
Ashton poses the challenge

Larry King's response to it!

At the time of this post, here's the latest stats:


EA has also gotten on board with the challenge awarding the millionth Ashton follower to be featured as a Sim character and to be featured in another game of his or her choice this year. What I found particularly interesting is when Ashton reflects on why this is significant in the video below. Yes one celebrity is gaining the same amount of readership as an entire news network, and has surpassed it on Facebook. If it hasn't become obvious to everyone not social media savvy, it can no longer be ignored what a powerful influence social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are in terms of how media is not only produced, and by who, but also how it is consumed.

An update from Ashton
Ashton said today on his Facebook public profile page "You guys are amazing! Over 1 million people. This absolutely blows my mind. We are the Generation that will change media for ever!" And I couldn't agree with him more! Stay tuned for who will break 1 million Twitter followers first!
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