Breaking News: Facebook Integrates Suggested Fan Pages Into Home Page

As you can see from the screenshot above, Facebook has just integrated suggested Fan Pages into their Suggested Friends Feature. 9 of the 27 profiles listed for me just now under "Discover People You May Know" were in fact Public Profiles (formerly known as Fan Pages) for companies, organizations, celebrities, or politicians. I got to this Page (and so can you of course) by clicking on the "Suggestions" tab on the upper right hand corner of your Facebook Home Page.

This is HUGE news for Public Profiles / Fan Pages and for companies, organizations and people who have started FB Public Profiles and/or will start them. It is the latest move by Facebook in a series of moves designed to make company/organization Pages more viral. This will be very successful in making Pages more viral- I already became a fan of 3 new Pages in the last 30 minutes! If you already have a Public Profile, you will see your fan numbers increase more rapidly organically beginning today. If you don't yet have one, what are you waiting for? (warning: Rare Buzz Marketing Daily direct theKbuzz plug to follow....If you don't have a Public Profile / Fan Page yet, find out how to do it well here if you're a sole proprietor or small business and here if you're a larger company or organization!) Happy Facebook Fanning!

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