Facebook and Twitter: The Growth is there, but what's the value to a business?

Mashable posted some great stats today on the growth of Facebook and Twitter. Between February and March, Twitter has grown 86.2 percent. As for Facebook, there are now an estimated 90 million Americans on the site.

It's clear that the growth rates are staggering, but in order to mean anything to businesses, there has to be a practical, easy and unobtrusive way to reach this vast audience. We believe that the key is in building communities. The trouble with explaining this to advertisers/brands is that they are used to numeric values for spends. The ratings point of a commercial, for instance. It's very hard to put a numeric value on a fan. However, if you get in the space now, you will be far better positioned than your competitors when that numeric value is determined and realized. Plus, you'll have a real dialogue with your customers...what is more valuable than that?
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