Facebook Opens Up It's Stream API to Compete With Twitter / What This Means For You the Marketer

As reported in the Facebook blog here, and in Tech Crunch here and AllFacebook here, Facebook has opened up its stream API to developers. What this means in plain english is that you will be able to access the "stream" from other sites besides Facebook, e.g. your friends' shared updates as well as updates from Public Profiles you are a fan of.

Up until now, this feature was available for Twitter users on sites such as Tweetdeck and Seesmic but not Facebook users. This move definitely makes Facebook more open and helps to compete with Twitter, whose user base has been growing at an unprecedented pace even for social media standards.

So what does this mean for you? For you, the user, it means you'll have more options for accessing Facebook and be able to coordinate your Facebook status updates with Twitter and other social sites. For you, the marketer, it means you'll be able to reach your fans via update when they're not on Facebook.com, which means you'll probably want to update your Public Profile's status more, share links more, share your blog through notes more, etc. Fans will be able to interact with your Public Profile via comments and likes without even going to your page on Facebook.

Of course, when you "overshare", you run the risk of upsetting your fans and even potentially losing some fans, but given Twitter's rapid rise and Facebook's continual move towards doing what Twitter's doing and then some, in most cases, sharing more is better than sharing less.

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