Google Adwords on Facebook? No its MSN Search

Yes there are MSN Search ads on the Facebook Platform - those aren't Google Adwords on Facebook. While Inside Facebook points out that there are 6 types of ads on the new Facebook home page, there are more advertising options within Facebook; however, MSN Search are the only ad options that aren't offered through Facebook. Everyone has seen the banner ads, with the likes of brands like American Apparel alongside Facebook profiles. However, you may have not noticed the heading of "Sponsored sites" above some ads after using the Facebook search. These ads are the MSN Search ads that are based on the Facebook search keywords. They've been there since October 7, 2008 but they are often overshadowed by Facebook sponsored ads.

Facebook stated on their blog,

"We're always working on innovative ways to make your experience on Facebook more useful. Toward that goal, today we've added Microsoft Live Search to your Facebook search experience (for people in the US). This is the first step in giving you the ability to find content from across the web while using Facebook."

The couple of "Sponsored sites" ads that I clicked on took me off the Facebook platform which we've found isn't as effective as keeping people in the Facebook economy. Since many people aren't aware of these ads, I'm not sure how effective they are or if people mistake them for Facebook sponsored ads. However, I don't think they should be discounted in a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy and at least tested against Facebook sponsored ads in a campaign.

What are your thoughts? Any success stories with MSN Search ads on Facebook? We'd love to hear your input!

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