Remember: Only Tweet It If You Wanna Repeat It!

Today, at a meeting, the CMO of a major company told me that one of his agency reps tweeted negatively about the Superbowl Ad that they ran. The ad rep didn't even know that the CMO was on Twitter. It never ceases to amaze me that even those who claim to be Social Media Marketing "experts" can expect to share on sites like Facebook or Twitter and expect to not have ramifications when their public opinions are seen by the subjects of said opinions.
When I was searching for an image for this article, I thought I might take a screen shot of someone saying how much they hate their job. Little did I know that there is even an aggregate feed of anyone who even mentions that they hate their job. My point? THINK before you share.                     Here's the general rule I tell my staff. Be honest. Be real. But don't post anything that couldn't be hanging up in our office for public viewing. Don't Tweet It if You Don't Want it Repeated. Don't Share It if You Don't Want Folks to Stare at It. And Don't Say It if You Don't Want To Replay It. It's that simple. It's not about losing your personality, and becoming a bland tweeter/facebooker. It's about knowing your audience. For more on this tip, please visit my "No Boobie Pictures" open letter to my daughter Charlotte about her future on Facebook.

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