Social Media Marketing Students Build, Launch Campaign in 3 weeks

PR Week just reported on the buzz marketing campaign for the FitnessKeeper's iPhone application, which included their CEO running the Boston Marathon yesterday dressed as an Iphone. The campaign included Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, was featured in the NY Times amongst many other media, and was by all accounts an incredible marketing success.
But what I love most about this story isn't the genius of the campaign (although, yes, it was genius!) I love that the whole campaign was conceived and launched in 1 month by college students in a social media marketing class at Emerson College! And I'm not just saying that because we have not 1 but 2 team members @thekbuzz who are Emerson alum. What's so remarkable and empowering about this story is that in today's rocket-fast world of social media and word of mouth marketing, college students can launch a successful program in a month, while most long-standing creative agencies fail miserably at their attempts at social media marketing.
It is empowering, terrifying, exciting, threatening, and inspiring, all at once. Go Emerson! :)

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