theKbuzz take on The Facebook Era by Clara Shih

Watch theKbuzz video review of The Facebook Era by Clara Shih. In short, she does an excellent job of introducing Facebook and touches on topics ranging from the history of social media, to how it affects business, to a guide to using Facebook. From the start, she lays out the purpose of the book (pg. 2):

-You know online social networking is a big deal but don't know what to do about it
-You use Facebook in your personal life but aren't quite sure how it fits with your professional life.
-Your boss has asked you to create a Facebook presence for your company ASAP , but you don't know how or what to do.
-You are the boss and want to understand the social networking phenomenon and what it means for your bottom line.
-You want to hear how real companies are succeeding at sourcing leads, engaging new audiences, and transforming customers into a sales force on social networking sites.

Clara excelled in articulating these points. Additionally, she touches on both the psychological and sociological reasons why Facebook is historically significant part of the internet and our lives. She's dubbed this phenomenon the Fourth Revolution. Social filtering is very much at the heart of this revolution which is epitomized by the Facebook user experience. Since the launch of her book, Facebook has become even a more powerful viral marketing tool with its new stream which is indicative of the fast-paced evolution of this space.

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