Tip of the Day: Become A WOMMA Member! (Or At Least A Fan!)

The Word Of Mouth Marketing Association, or WOMMA for short, is committed above all to utilizing word of mouth in an honest, ethical way. At last year's WOMMA Summit 2008 in Las Vegas, attending members participated in an open forum to discuss and update WOMMA's Code of Ethics, the entirety of which should be considered and applied to any word of mouth marketing campaign, including social media campaigns. Being a certified WOMMA member shows that you, too, ascribe to their principles and ideals - plus it gets you access to all kinds of cool stuff, like webinars, conferences, networking events, and of course information. You can become a WOMMA member by completing the registration here, but if you're not ready to be a member just yet, Become a Fan of their Facebook page! This page is chock full of info, links, and has a FREE podcast and slideshow download for fans only. Totally cool. Check it out!

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