Tip of The Day: Marketing on Facebook Using Unusual Giveaways!

Buzz Marketing Daily's Tip of The Day is a new feature from theKbuzz, where we provide a daily tip on marketing using social media and word of mouth. Today's tip is about marketing on Social Networks using Innovative and Unusual Giveaways

In a few minutes, we're about to surprise our staff by asking them to each guess the number of times Dave and I cried at "Hannah Montana: The Movie". (Yes, it's true-- we cried. We love those crazy Cyruses, and watching your six year old be mesmerized is truly a tearjerker.) The person who guesses the number will win tickets to see the Mets on Wednesday, at their brand new stadium.

Case in point: Use what you've got, and give it away in fun and unique ways to create a memorable impression. Even better: Use social networks like Facebook to showcase these giveaways to demonstrate the kind of company you are.

Wish us luck on our giveaway. Maybe we'll video it and put it on our various social sites!

P.S. Do you want to guess how many times Dave and I cried at the Hannah Montana movie? Leave a comment here with your guess, and maybe you'll win a prize too!

This Facebook Marketing Tip of the Day is brought to you by Carrie Kerpen, VP of New Buzzness @theKbuzz. You can follow her @carriekerpen on Twitter.

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