Tip of the Day: Marketing On Facebook: Using Your Settings Button!

Buzz Marketing Daily's Tip of The Day is a new feature from theKbuzz, where we provide a daily tip on marketing using social media and word of mouth. Today's tip is about marketing on Facebook.
When you've been navigating through the wonderful world of Facebook Public Profiles, you may or may not have noticed the little settings button located just beneath your status space. The settings button is currently way underutilized. Did you know that you can have different landing pages for fans and non fans, using the setting button-- also known as the perfect tool for marketing on Facebook. Imagine the possibilities here. While your fans can be automatically directed to your wall, your "future fans" (as I like to call them) can see your Boxes tab, where you can create a little welcome message for them, briefly describing what you do. Feel like getting even fancier? Create a custom welcome tab for "future fans". Whatever you choose, make sure that your fans AND non fans are directed to a source of activity and vibrancy. If you leave it on defaults, they may just see something totally lacking in life or conversation.
This Facebook Marketing Tip of the Day is brought to you by Carrie Kerpen, VP of New Buzzness @theKbuzz. You can follow her @carriekerpen on Twitter.

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