Tip of The Day: Marketing on Linked In: Consider A Badge of Honor!

Buzz Marketing Daily's Tip of The Day is a new feature from theKbuzz, where we provide a daily tip on marketing using social media and word of mouth. Today's tip is about marketing on Linked In, using Linked In Groups.

We've spoken before about marketing yourself on Linked In as if you were the sole proprietor of your own business....and that business is YOU. Our next tip is to create a group on Linked In, and pay special attention to the LOGO that group has as its image. Reason being: When someone joins your group, that logo is displayed in their Linked in Profile! So, if you create a group with value to your colleagues, and create a sort of "badge of honor" for your industry and your group, that badge will be displayed on Linked In profiles everywhere. You can learn more about Linkedin @ 3:30 today on theKbuzz Webinar: Using YouTube and Linked In. Register here.
What groups do you belong to on Linked In?
This Facebook Marketing Tip of the Day is brought to you by Carrie Kerpen, VP of New Buzzness @theKbuzz. You can follow her @carriekerpen on Twitter.

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