Tip of the Day: Show the Man (or Woman!) Behind the Machine

Today's "Tip of the Day" can apply to your presence on any social media network, and also ties in nicely with the idea of transparency in marketing. When presenting and speaking for your brand in the social media space, it's natural to take great care in your communications with consumers. Yesterday I talked about discretion in your public communications with specific individuals across networks like Twitter and Facebook, but today I want to talk more about public presentation of yourself - namely, helping your customers feel connected to you on a more personal level simply by showing them the person behind the computer. Upload pictures of the person or team that manages your Facebook or MySpace page so that fans and friends can see the people they're talking to when they interact with your brand page. Especially when it comes to trickier questions or even complaints, it is infinitely more reassuring for most to see a smiling face rather than a logo staring back at them.

Signing off for the week,

Devin Sugameli, Director of Buzz, NYC Office

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