Tip of the Day: Trust Your Gut

This tip of the day is totally unrelated to marketing on Facebook, or other social media sites. Today's tip of the day is about trusting your gut.

3 years ago, I worked about 50 minutes away from my home in a high-paying, high-stress job as a radio Station Manager. My daughter Charlotte was three at the time, and was having a really hard time adjusting to my work schedule, daycare, the whole thing. We got through it, but it was tough on me, on her, and on the job. One day, I was dropping her off at daycare, and she was hooked on to my leg-- screaming. In a hurry, I shook her off of my leg, and ran out the door.

That day, my gut told me to quit my six figure job. And that's exactly what I did. I walked in and quit. I knew I had a few clients that would take a chance on me for some basic consulting-- that it would be enough to get by, and that all would be okay. I never felt more scared, and more positive that my decision was right.

That night, Dave and I discussed it, and the name "theKbuzz" was born. The K is for Kerpen-- our family name-- because, for us, family would always be the core of our lives, our business, our world.

And so, today, as my tip, I'm telling you to trust your gut instincts. If something doesn't feel right, it's not. That's what gut is for, after all. Trust it and the rest will follow. Ignore it and your path will be longer, harder, and frought with poor decisions.

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