Tip of the Night (to follow the Yesterday): Discretion

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be both super exciting and terrifying for those who are new to the concept, and even to those who've practically grown up with it. We've all heard the stories about employees fired over rogue tweets or for having the wrong Facebook friends; social media is a very public space, for better or for worse. We think it's necessary for companies and brands to build a social media presence and be public in their dealings with consumers in social media, but with that being said, my tip of the day is to always use your discretion in these dealings. While you of course want potential customers to know that you are responding to complaints or questions posed by others, you probably don't need to publicize every detail of your response. Recognize that while there are plenty of times for public retweets and wall posts, there are still plenty more times when a DM or a private Facebook message is more appropriate and more helpful to the other party involved. Much as social media sites can appear to be narcissism at its grandest, we still maintain that these sites are first and foremost about connecting with others, so don't forget to use care in all of your communications.

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