Tip of the Yesterday: Status Updates > "Update" Updates

Dave and Carrie are off on a family vacation at the moment, so I'll be taking over the "Tip of the Day" for the rest of the week! Of course in my personal scramble to mail out my tax forms yesterday I didn't have a chance to post - so here is your first ever "Tip of the Yesterday":

If you want to directly connect with your fans on your Facebook page, you have two main options: a status update or wall post using the "Share" box on the top of your Wall tab, or sending an "update." "Updates" are those messages that come through a separate section of your Facebook inbox because they're from fan pages instead of your friends.

Updates certainly have their place in the Facebook universe. For instance, if you're announcing a big contest or an invitation to an upcoming event, an update is certainly appropriate. But more often than not, a status update can be just as, if not more, effective in attracting fan interactions! When you use the "share" box to post a status update or respond to a fan posting on your wall, the post appears immediately in your fans' home page news feeds with the options to "like" or comment on the post, enabling immediate response with very little effort required from your fans. While updates allow more room for detailed information, they won't attract your fans' attention or immediate response nearly as seamlessly as a post to your wall.

All that being said, the one caveat I offer up on this subject is to allow room for fan response - don't overdo it! We all have that Facebook friend that posts way too many status updates, but if we put up with it that's only because they're a personal friend; fans will not be nearly so patient with a brand or product constantly talking about themselves.

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