Unnamed Package-Goods Brand Measures MySpace ROI

By teaming up with two other companies to track the internet usage of loyalty card owners from local supermarkets, MySpace was able to measure ROI in real terms for an unnamed package-goods brand advertising on MySpace. ComScore tracked internet usage in general, estimating the numbers of individuals exposed to the product's MySpace advertising campaign versus how many of those exposed continued on to visit the advertiser's website. The third company in the equation was Dunnhumby, which has access to over 59 million customer loyalty card accounts from retailing supermarkets across the country. By cross-referencing the purchases of these loyalty card holders with their online activities and exposure to the MySpace campaign, this study revealed a 28% return on investment, bringing in $1.28 million in sales from a $1 million advertising campaign.

AdAge goes into much greater detail in the full story here. Though we don't all have loyalty card tracking systems in place for our products and so aren't as capable of these kinds of measurements, this study is a great argument for building a presence on social media at the least. My only complaint in this study is that it doesn't go into much detail about the advertising campaign itself. Did the product have its own MySpace profile or was this just a banner ad campaign? I would love to see a similar study done on platform with more room for product/customer interaction, like Facebook or Twitter.

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