7 Great Teachers & Lessons From WOMM-University

The last 2 days, I went back to school. The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (disclosure: theKbuzz is a proud member of WOMMA) held WOMM-U, an intensive 48 hour experience with presentations, breakout sessions, and parties galore. And I learned, a lot. Here are 7 great teachers and some of the great lessons I learned from them: (feel free to tweet these lessons to the world, just please, give the sources credit :) 1) Geoff Donaker, Chief Operating Officer, Yelp: Your customers are talking about you anyway, why not set up a free business owner account at Yelp? (Or Twitter, or Facebook, etc.)

2) Sarah Hofstetter, Vice President, Emerging Media & Client Strategy, 360i: In social media, automation is a recipe for failure.

3) Chas Edwards, Chairman, CEO, Federated Media: Social media is not a niche anymore. All digital media is now word of mouth.

4) Jeben Berg, Creative Director of Cross Platforms Solutions, YouTube, Google: There is no formula that works, including lots of $$$, to be successful on YouTube.

5) Chris Pan, Head of Brand Solutions, Facebook: Use engaging content to allow interactions (likes, comments), 90% of interactivity will come from the WALL.

6) Duncan Wardle, Vice President, Global PR Integration & WDW PR, Disney Destinations: Brands who don't change from marketing to engaging will soon become nostalgia brands.

7) John Andrews, Mars Digital Managing Partner: The field of dreams is dead. Building a microsite expecting massive traffic just doesn't work anymore. Build where people are.

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