Breaking News: Facebook Adds New Insights Features to All Public Profiles

Facebook has just added a much deeper, better insights/analytics dashboard to all of its Public Profiles. Inside Facebook first reported earlier in the week that this was coming, but the insights just went live to all Public Profiles a few minutes ago. I just took a first look at some of theKbuzz client's Pages insights, and the new insights are much better! Here are a few highlights:

1) Post Quality: Each public profile is assigned a post quality rating which is determined by the percentage of your fans who engage (like/comment) with each of your shared items over the past 7 days. At first glance, we saw post quality ratings ranging from 5 to 51.7 (Go Verizon FiOS!) Full disclosure, they are a client of theKbuzz)
It's all about engagement! Let us know if you have a Public Profile with a higher Post Quality!

2) Much deeper info on the geographic locations of your fans: This is great because you can see where your fans are coming from if you're a national brand or organization.

3) Number of Unsubscribed Fans: This is a useful figure because it tells who how many people have not defanned you, but they've taken you out of their Stream of updates.

We're still waiting and hoping Facebook will add features that allow you to track fans as a result of Facebook ads vs natural virality - but this upgrade to insights is a major improvement and Page Administrators and marketers alike will be thrilled to jump into the new analytics dashboard. Way to go, Facebook!

***If you're the administrator of a Public Profile on Facebook, take a look at the new insights and let us know what you think!
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