BREAKING NEWS: Facebook Adds "Suggested Keywords" to Ads

I've been running Facebook ads on behalf of my clients for a while now, and one of the more annoying parts of it has always been entering keywords just because it requires you to think of every single possible combination your keywords might have. For example, if I wanted to target an ad to teachers on Facebook, I couldn't just stop at "teachers," I'd have to individually add "high school teachers," "teacher," english teacher," "math teacher," "special education teacher," and so on and so forth. At least with these keywords, they all contain the word "teacher," so as soon as I type it in, I see all other possible options containing the word "teacher" in Facebook's handy drop-down suggestions. But what about for keywords outside of the "teacher" family that might still be relevant?

Booyah! Suggested keywords!
Now I'm not sure if "preaching" is exactly what I'm looking for, but as far as I know this is brand new so I'm sure the program will improve with time and I'm excited to play around with it more and see how it does!

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