Ethics in Social Media Marketing: Why I'm Going to WOMMU, and Why You Should Too

I am a proud member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), the leading trade organization for the rapidly-growing word of mouth marketing / social media marketing sector that our firm theKbuzz most closely fits into. So I've been to WOMMA conferences and events, enjoy the networking, education, webinars, and general good times that go along with being a member of WOMMA.

But the element of WOMMA that I'm most proud of, and the number one reason that I'm going to WOMMA's WOMM-U conference next week in Miami, is its ethics code and its constant drive (and insistence) to discuss best practices in ethical word of mouth and social media marketing. At the last WOMMA conference, in November, we worked in their ethics code in live sessions, an important practice, since things move so rapidly in this quickly-growing industry.

There are so many ethical considerations when engaging in word of mouth and social media marketing, but the basic concepts are simple: Be honest and disclose relationships. We've written about ethics in social media marketing before, and I'm sure we'll write about it again. In fact, just yesterday, our friend Mari Smith posted a great piece about Retweet Hijacking - an unarguably unethical practice through which people retweet an influencer but insert their own links in place of the original links.

It is because of unethical practices such as this that we all need a constant education and re-education about ethics in the space. I'll be joining in the conversation and education next week at WOMMU- and I hope to see you there too.

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