Facebook changes yet again.

Did you wake up this morning, log on to Facebook and click on your friends tab to see a completely new layout to the page? I definitely did and below is a list of things I like and dislike about the new layout.

The Good

1.It is way easier to find friends.

Facebook offers many different ways to find people who are on the site that you can become friends with. I love the Facebook suggestions, where the site lists a group of individuals I may know and fan pages I may want to become a fan of. You can allow Facebook to search your email account for people who you can connect with or upload a contact file and find friends that way. You can also import your AIM Buddy List and automatically search for classmates of yours from the schools that you listed on your profile. What makes it so great is that all of these resources are located on one page and I do not have to click through a ton of links to get to this information.

2.Facebook makes it very easy to create friend lists.

What is great about the friends list is you can very easily limit areas of your profile to certain lists. For example, if I want to have my photos hidden from my office colleagues, I can easily put them all into their own separate “Kbuzz Staff” list and then change my privacy settings all from my Friend page.

The Bad:

1.Facebook did not make any mention of a change prior to revamping the Friend lists.

Facebook has changed multiple times over the course of the last few months (ex: homepage changes, fan page layout changes, status update changes etc.) Each time a change occurred, Facebook gave us sufficient notice about it. This time, there was no such notice; so many people were caught off guard.

2.You can no longer click the Friend tab to view your friend’s status updates.

Those status updates only come through in your news feed or if you click on the respective friend’s profile page. No more stalking your friend's every move, which I guess is a good thing.

Overall, I think Facebook made this change to try to make their site even more user-friendly but it seems like these changes appease those individuals who are trying to remain private and select the information they want to be visible, which goes against what Facebook is truly all about.

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