Living the Crazy Start Up Life

Today I was reminded that my job is not for everyone. Whenever we interview for potential new hires, the rest of the full-time staff do our best to make time to meet with them, answer any other biting questions they have about "what it's really like to work at theKbuzz," and of course try to see for ourselves how comfortable we think they'd be in our environment. One of the most common questions I am asked by inquiring friends and prospective hires alike is if I can describe my average day, to which my response is usually, ", not really." The truth is that as much as I might try to plan out my day, it can completely change in a split second. Just this afternoon I was rescheduling calls and running out the door to record video for one of my clients as a result of being unexpectedly short-staffed. And staff or no staff, there really is no task that is ever "outside my job description" - so while one day I'll be sitting in the office banging out Facebook page layouts, another day I could be interviewing event participants for a press release, fetching waters for Reality TV stars, driving to pick up a client, or sprinting to the UPS store at 6:45pm to get in an emergency overnight shipment to California.

I've had weeks where I've worked until 9PM on most nights, answered client e-mails while on vacation, and driven for 3 hours on a Saturday for a 1 hour event gig, and always accepted this as pretty normal. We don't punch in and out from 9-5 or 9:30-5:30 here - we host private webinars with clients while our buzz builders partake in "Wii Wednesdays", and then take a few turns ourselves before returning to our assembly line of people stuffing 500 promotional bags with T-shirts and hats to ship out. I've never once heard anybody here refuse to do something because it wasn't "their job" and I don't expect to hear it too much during my future at theKbuzz.

But the crazy start up life is definitely not for everyone. You have to love what you do and just love knowing the effect you have on your company. Eventually I might want a job that's just a job, know that I can leave at 5:30 on the dot to go home to my family, and never send an e-mail on a weekend. But from the day I started at theKbuzz, my favorite thing about it was knowing that I could make significant contributions to its growth. That's why I know this is the right place for me to be. I hope our readers can say the same about their own place of work!

Clocking out (but not really),

- Devin