Tip of the Day: Hang Out With High Schoolers

No Marketing on Facebook tip today for you guys...today, I'm telling you to go out and talk to some High School kids. You know why? Because they tell it like it is, and they really get it.

I was invited to speak at the Academy of Innovative Technology High School's Career Day today. After passing through metal detectors (things have changed since I was in an NYC public high school, I guess) I went to speak with the students about social media and word of mouth marketing.

Kids are so honest. If they think something sucks, they say it. (In fact, I was presenting with a woman who creates a sort of school intranet, and they called out right to her fact that it's "too slow" for them to utilize) If they think something makes sense, they say it. And, they say it in a language that, at a certain point, as grown ups, we are all removed from. Reconnecting with that age group allows you to learn.

Have a new product, service, or idea? Ask a teenager what they think. Chances are, they'll be dead on.

P.S. Worthy to note: 100% of the room had a myspace profile. Only about 30% of the room had a facebook. Think that'll change soon?
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