Tweet Your Way To a Job

I bought my Twestival ticket just days before I was laid off from Company X. So when the event rolled around a couple weeks into my not-so-self-sanctioned vacation, I figured it would be, if nothing else, an opportunity for me to change out of my pajamas and get out of my apartment. At Twestival I was in the midst of texting some friends when the cute guy standing next to me asked if I was tweeting. In an attempt to get his attention again I tweeted “I was just caught not tweeting, but texting at #nyctwestival so I guess I should tweet something I’m really enjoying Eclectic Method.” Then this oddly familiar-looking character, @davekerpen replied to me saying “@beeahna stop texting @ #nyctwestival. TWEET TWEET , after all, you're not at Textival #nyctwestival”. He began following my Twitter updates and I promptly Googled him to figure out where I had seen his face before. In the process, I learned that he is a fellow Boston University alum and runs a word of mouth and social media marketing agency with his adorable wife, Carrie.

Several more weeks of job hunting go by filled with networking events, attempts at writing cover letters and numerous anxiety attacks. I volunteered for Social Media for Social Change and somehow ended up with the job of selling raffle tickets. This task required being able to add increments of $10 and $15 in my head and give change. The only problem with that was I attended a college infamously nicknamed “the College of Optional Math”. Of course I immediately tweeted about that, which prompted another reply from Dave. We conversed a bit about our respective experiences at BU and he finally tweeted“@beeahna What year did you graduate? I'm old but still know a lot of people at BU. And check out our firm if you're highly motivated :)”

That was an invitation to apply for a job if I ever heard one! I sent him a direct message telling him he would be hearing from me soon. After a few more attempts at writing a cover letter for the job ended with nothing but blank pages and anxiety attacks, I spent a weekend holed up in my apartment learning all I could about social media releases. On Tuesday, April 14th at 8:34 a.m. I sent Dave the following email:

Hi Dave.

As per your suggestion via Twitter, I researched theKbuzz and am very eager to join your staff. I've created a social media release explaining my qualifications:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

After weeks of interviews, meetings, some phone calls, numerous emails and even a good dose of begging I am now a happy member of theKbuzz Buzz Builder team. Not only am I gainfully employed, but I’m working at a company I believe in, doing what I love. Although it took a lot of creativity and assertiveness on my part to actually land the job, without the initial connection made through Twitter I wouldn’t be sitting at this desk, in this office, writing this blog post today.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!