When Technology Fails You...

I'm about 5 minutes from a Webinar on Facebook for the HealthCare Industry. I'm preparing to promote it on Twitter, and what do I see? It's that damn ice cream cone, friend of the Fail Whale-- telling me that "Twitter is down". It actually asked me to "chill"! This little tiny problem begs a bigger question-- we build our businesses on these giant platforms and become dependent on them. What happens when the network has a "FAIL WHALE"! What if that fail whale lasted a week? A month? What if, all of a sudden, all of your contacts left the said network, and it was no longer the darling of yesteryear (um...cough cough..Myspace!).

Today, I'm reminding you of the following important answers to this question:
1. Don't be one network deep. Get involved, online and off, in communities that interest you.
2. Don't be surface level with important contacts. Develop relationships. If twitter died tomorrow, how many of your "tweeps" would you be able to contact?
3. Don't SOLELY depend on social sites to get your word out. Keep backups. You should still have your own site, you should still have something that..when it DOES crash,, you can call a tech person and scream. (Not always effective, but sometimes good to get the scream out). DON'T spend thousands to develop crazy infastructure on your own. DO have a resource of information for your fans/followers/friends to seek out should platform Armageddon occur!

Twitter, I miss you! Come back in time for my webinar!

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