Why I like iJustine's YouTube Videos

iJustine is an internet celebrity who has a large presence across social platforms.  I wanted to take a chance to breakdown one of her YouTube videos to show how cross-promotion can be well executed in addition to simply asking viewers to a call-to-action.  There's a reason why she has over 2 million video views and over 90,000 subscribers.   Her content is tailored for her target audience which airs more on high school age, but there are some important tips that can be learned from her.  The first one is consistency.  Post and post regularly so fans know what to expect.  While her channel is a YouTube partner channel, it does show links to all of her different social networks which brings us to point two: shows viewers how they can connect with you.  Read on to see how she integrates Twitter and YouTube into the video to encourage fan engagement.

Here's a detailed breakdown of iJustine's latest video from a social media perspective: 

1. Immediately a pop-up bubble asks "rate and fav" the video (call-to-action #1)

2. A contest announcement is shown with a URL to where more information can be found (the link is active and brings viewers to her other YouTube channel)

3. She answers a Twitter question - the question screenshot is shown (great fan engagement!)

4. She answers a YouTube video response question - the video response is shown (great fan engagement!)

5. She asks viewers to follow her on twitter (call-to-action #2)

6. She asks people to leave comments to ask questions (call-to-action #3)

7.  She asks viewers to post video responses as another way to ask questions (call-to-action #4)

8.  She asks fans to ask questions on Twitter (call-to-action #5)

9.  She shows her Twitter URL and hashtag

10. She asks fans to subscribe to her channel (call-to-action #6)

11. The last screen asks viewers again to "Please rate and comment on this video" (call-to-action #7)

12. The last screen also shows the subscribe button and the text "don't forget to subscribe" (call-to-action #8)

So there you have it, a video with great fan engagement incorporating both Twitter and YouTube viewers. There's also 8 different types of call-to-actions within the video. Lesson: Don't be shy to ask viewers to do something (whether subscribe, etc.) and cross-promote!

Do you have any other examples of engaging and cross-promotional videos? Let us know!