Why the New Facebook Chat Changes The Way We All Can Look At Facebook.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to Social Networking. For me, I've always used Twitter as my complete open network, and for Facebook, well, I used to be really strict about only friending people I knew well-- or had met in person. The reason is that my Facebook profile contains pictures of my kids, my personal life, etc. The advent of Facebook lists allowed me to open my network a little more. I simply created a list of "Random Connections" who were able to friend me, but not actually see my personal photos. However, I still felt uneasy, especially when I got random chat popups from people who wanted me to "buy their product", or share a link.

Now, Facebook has revamped their chat feature, enabling you to appear on or offline to different friend lists. And this change, as far as I'm concerned, is the final straw in converting Facebook to a network that allows you to be friends with just about anybody.

I have now started hypertargeting my lists to segment them for chat purposes. Sometimes, I want to talk to clients online. Sometimes, I don't. The ability to change my preferences quickly and easily is one of Facebook's smallest yet most significant assets yet.

Look forward to more great changes!

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