You Don't Have A Website Anymore

I'll make this short and sweet: You don't have a website anymore. Google is your website. Facebook is your website. YouTube is your website. The blogosphere is your website. Your website, your company and your industry is everywhere on the internet that people are talking about you- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've heard this sentiment at industry conferences and gatherings enough times in the last few weeks to simultaneously bore me and nauseate me - and yet, it bears repeating outside of those industry gatherings. You can control the design and content on your website all you want- and make it the most beautiful destination on the internet- but people aren't going there in the same numbers they used to, and if they're going, they don't trust the information there as much as they used to, and they definitely don't trust it as much as they trust user reviews, comments, and conversation about your products and services OFF of your website.

Think about it- when you want trusted, reliable information about a product or service to purchase, do you go to a corporate website or do you Google it to see what people are saying about the company, product, or industry?

Don't try to control the conversation about your company anymore. Encourage the good, repsond to the bad, and respond even more diligently to the ugly.