Everything I learned about social media...

Everything I learned about social media I didn't learn in school. The vast majority of college marketing, public relations and business programs barely cover social media, if at all.This is an inherent problem related to the speed of change at universities. Colleges and universities are extremely slow to adopt new policies and curriculum. Social media evolves at a breakneck speed. The disconnect between the speed of social media and the speed of social media literacy in education means students are unprepared for the working world. Today ends the first week of our summer Buzz Builder program. Our Buzz Builders have been hard at work creating Facebook pages, blog posts and Twitter accounts. The assumption is that because they are part of Generation Me, they are experts in social media. They may have the savvy to post photos, stream videos and download music, but don't necessarily know how to utilize social media to promote a business entity.

As social media becomes a larger part of the business landscape, the old rules of running a company (from an operations perspective to customer service and advertising) will be completely revolutionized. It is indispensible for students to learn the skills they will need to enter the working world 2.0.