Facebook Top 40 Fan Pages: Call for Entries

Calling all social media savvy marketers and business owners! We are compiling a list of the Top 40 Facebook Fan Pages and we need your input, whether you have a page for a celebrity, politician, non-profit, big brand, small business, or anything else! While we've posted a few comprehensive lists and suggested pages in the past, we know that there are plenty of public profiles we have yet to see and test out for ourselves. If you've been reading the blog, you probably have a good idea of our standards for an amazing page: 1) Brand Responsiveness: Look at your wall tab and ask yourself if your fans have anything to gain from interacting with your page. Does your wall have a good mix of posts from you/the page versus the fans, or is it just a wall of information and advertising from you? Do you respond to your fans when they ask a question, or even post a complaint? Social media is about interaction and building communities, so for your page to make our Top 40, you'll have to employ this basic concept. 2) Interactivity: On that same note, are you actively encouraging your fans to participate? Examples of interactive pages include those that make use of fan polls, use their pages to run contests, or even that just provide incentives for customer feedback. 3) Creativity: Tell us what's cool and unique about your page in particular! How do you use it to run contests and Facebook-specific promotions? What's the coolest thing you've done using Static FBML? 4) Overall Design/Graphics: Let's be honest - your page could be totally rocking out in terms of all of the above, but if it still looks like something you just threw up on a whim or looks exactly like your own personal profile for lack of customization, it's just not as appealing as those with a lot of thought put into the design. **Fan Count** While we are in no way obsessed with fan numbers, it would be remiss of us to pretend that they don't matter at all. If you have a lot of fans, you're probably doing something right, whether it's a great page or just a great product! That being said, we will only take fan number counts into consideration in so much as they are proportionate to the reach of your business. In other words, we will not expect a small, local boutique to have anywhere near as many fans as a national brand - a few hundred fans for your neighborhood dentist is likely a great number! But we do expect well-known chains, franchises, and brand names alike to have an appropriately large fan base if we are to include them in our Top 40.

Lastly (and I can't believe I still have to say this): personal profiles and groups will not be considered. We are still shocked by how many people have set up a personal profile or group without making an official public profile or "fan page" for their brand or business.

If you think your page has what it take or you have somebody else to nominate, please e-mail us at dave@theKbuzz.com with the fan page URL and a brief explanation of what makes it a "Top 40" page. Or, if you want to share the page with the world, you can also nominate by posting the link and brief explanation in a comment on this post! We'll be looking at all of those suggested regardless of your description, but some hints for specific things you think are worth noticing would certainly be helpful and appreciated :) Once announced, the owners of the Top 40 pages will all receive a badge for display on their page to celebrate their position as one of the 40 greatest fan pages on Facebook.

Best of luck to everyone and thanks in advance for helping us with the list! We'll announce the Top 40 pages next Monday!