Facebook TOP 40 Fan Pages....plus 20 from us!

After lots of coffee, lots of counting, and countless facebook searches...here it is: Our Top 40 Fan Pages from Facebook! Click the badge below to check them out!

Pages were selected based off of their interactivity and responsiveness, creativity and design, effective use of Facebook tools and code, and fan count.

Are you one of the top 40 elite? If so, you can embed this graphic on your Facebook Page, use this code: <a href="http://thekbuzz.com/facebook><img src="http://www.thekbuzz.com/GalleryContent/NormalSizeImages/c04b3196-5bf3-47a1-a981-06446b14b6df.png"></a>

Note: None of these pages were created or managed by theKbuzz. If you are looking for those, we've selected 20 that we think are worthy of a shoutout too!

To register for our webinar on the Top 40 Pages, why we chose them, and how you can create your own great Facebook Page, click here.